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What is a CAT exam?

One of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of the computerized GMAT exam is its adaptive questioning and scoring system, known as CAT. Short for Computerized Adaptive Testing, CAT is a system designed to continually assess the test-taker’s aptitude and adjust … Continue reading

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GMAT Quantitative Reasoning – Fun with Percentages

A grad student possesses 5 liters of blood that is 0.16% alcohol by volume. If the grad student injects 2 liters of blood in a ritual to improve his research results, his new blood alcohol content will be approximately what?

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GMAT Math Example Problem

Today we’ll be solving a GMAT Math Word Problem. Consider the following question: Tickets for all but 10 seats in a 500 seat theater were sold. Of the tickets sold, 20% were sold at half price, and the remaining tickets were … Continue reading

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