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Part-time vs Full-time vs Executive MBA – What is the Difference?

When applying to business school, one of the first things you should carefully consider is what type of MBA program you should pursue. There are two traditional MBA paths: part-time and full-time, and a more modern option known as the Executive … Continue reading

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How Do I Sign up for the GMAT?

Applying to business school entails several steps, of which the most is taking the GMAT exam. Almost all business schools accept the GMAT for the purpose of admission, though some will also accept the GRE. If an MBA is in your future, you … Continue reading

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GMAT Example Problem – Multiple Variables

If each of the x employees of a tech startup produces one unit of false hope every t minutes, how many units of false hope does the startup produce in a standard 17 hour workday? This type of problem expects … Continue reading

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GMAT vs GRE – Which One Should I Take to Get into B-School?

The GMAT and GRE are both accepted by many business schools now, but which one you should take is a personal decision that depends on your individual areas of strength and weakness. Though many schools use test scores from either exam … Continue reading

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