Should I get a MBA/JD degree? Accelerated JD/MBA Programs

MBA Program ProfilesNearly all of the top business and law schools have started offering accelerated JD/MBA programs that can be completed in 3 years, instead of the typical 4.  Though the curriculum of the accelerated programs varies by university, candidates typically spend their first year at the law school, their summers and second year at the business school, and their third year at the law school.  Below we discuss some of the pros and cons of accelerated programs.kahovka-service

The most major advantage of accelerated MBA/JD programs is that they are, indeed, accelerated, meaning they take less time to complete.  This has major financial advantages.  Since the programs are shorter, students spend less time out of the working world and are able to reenter the workforce a year sooner.  Unlike their four-year counterparts, recipients of a three-year MBA/JD have an additional year in the working force making a salary.  Since people with MBA/JDs typically earn six-figure salaries in their first year, this can result in huge financial savings for accelerated MBA/JD degree recipients.

Accelerated MBA/JD programs are a lot of work.  Since the program is cramming five years of education into three years, accelerated degree students must take courses at least part-time over the summer, which could limit their participation in summer internships.  More importantly, students’ opportunities to take electives in both the business and law school are severely limited because the programs cram all of the core curriculum for both schools into an even shorter time period.  Therefore, candidates in accelerated programs should be sure that they want to pursue a career at the intersection of business and law, such as a business lawyer or consulting for mergers and acquisitions, since they will not be as exposed to other components of business and law while in school.  Finally, it takes a very motivated type of student to remain in school for three years straight without any major breaks.  Do you think you could sustain three straight years of highly competitive, challenging graduate school without any summer breaks? If not, then the accelerated MBA/JD may not be for you.

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