Rice University: Tips from the Admissions Office

Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University

We spoke with admissions officers at the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business about advice they had for new applicants.  Here is what we found.



Q: What makes a candidate stand out?
A: “I can’t really say that there is anything in particular.  We look at all the different metrics, anything from work experience–and not so much the amount of work experience but more so the quality–to the undergraduate transcript and all the course work they’ve completed and most of the classes that are conducive to the curriculum.  Of course we look for strong recommendation letters, and we look at the essays as well.”

Q: How do you weight GMAT scores in relation to other materials / factors? What is the most important part of an applicant’s application packet?
A: “We do not average out the GMAT test scores.  We only take the higher score.  There is not really a part of the packet that’s most important; it’s all a holistic review process.”

Q: How will you use the new Integrated Reasoning Section of the GMAT in business school admissions?
A: “I think they’re still waiting to see what the outcome of it is going to be.  We don’t really have anything to compare it to, but once we’re able to start getting some scores in and we can assess the value of it and how we can implement it, we’ll have a better idea of how we’ll be incorporating it in the application pool.”

Q: Is there anything else you would like a candidate to know about your school?
A: “We’re an intimate environment.  I think that us being as small as we are, we’re able to give a lot of one-on-ones and able to project that intimacy so students can meet with faculty and staff. Everything is open here and we have a very diverse culture.”

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