University of Michigan: Tips from the Admissions Office

We spoke with admissions officers at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business about any advice they had for new applicants.  Here is what we found.Траверсы



Q: What makes a candidate stand out?
A: “We look at the applicant’s undergraduate GPA, postgraduate experience, where they went for undergraduate, what they were involved in, and things like that.”

Q: How do you weight GMAT scores in relation to other materials  and  factors? What is the most important part of an applicant’s application packet?
A: “It is a holistic process, so I don’t know if there is one portion that outweighs the other.  We suggest the GMAT is within the 80th percentile to be competitive.”

Q: Do you prefer the GMAT or the GRE for admissions? Why?
A: “The GMAT is more common, but there’s not a preference one way or the other.  A lot of the dual degree applicants will take the GRE because it is a requirement for the other program.”

Q: How will you use the new Integrated Reasoning Section of the GMAT in business school admissions?
A: “To my understanding, there have been no conclusive decisions on how the new version will be reviewed at this time.”


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