Haunted Halls, Spooky Schools, and Creepy Colleges

Ghost sitting in front of a gravestone

Ghosts may also be attending your business school.

As the weather turns cooler, you may discover other things in your business school that will give you chills. Ghosts, specters, ghouls, poltergeists, and other paranormal phenomena haunt the halls of many universities and schools across the country. Could you have been sitting next to a less-than-lively learner at your last lecture? While the chances of seeing the supernatural increase with the age of the school, even younger locations can have apparition appearances. Find out if your school is among the most haunted in the United States by checking the list below.

University of Florida

The University of Florida’s business school, Warrington College of Business, is not itself the site of hauntings, but other buildings on the University of Florida campus are. According to urban legend, a woman in the 1960s threw herself from her room in the Beaty Towers dormitory. Another dormitory, Thomas Hall, is said to still house the spirit of a past janitor who makes frightening moaning sounds through the radiator pipes, especially during the summer when the heating system is turned off.

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia’s main campus in Chancellorville, Virginia, is home to the school’s haunted library. The business school, Darden School of Business, is also located in the same town, and you might find yourself in a study session at the library beside a ghost. Alderman Library is said to host the specter of a doctor who had befriended a man from the Garnett family who bequeathed his collection of books to the university and for whom the Garnett room is named. Another doctor, Dr. Bennett Wood Green, who served the Confederacy as a surgeon, is also said to still roam the halls, decades after he left the world.

Another part of the University of Virginia that adds to the creepiness of the campus is the campus cemetery. Most schools do not create a space on their land for the dead, but a typhoid epidemic in the 1820s forced the school to make use of the land. Unfortunately, local medical students knew of the ready supply of fresh cadavers for their studies, and a black market in corpse stealing arose. At the time studying anatomy on corpses was illegal, but it was also one of the best ways for students to learn. Today, grave robbing is not the lucrative business it once was, mainly because studying donated corpses has become the norm for medical students, but this still does not hide the fact that many of those laid to rest in the University of Virginia’s campus cemetery found their eternal rest to be much shorter than expected.

University of Alabama

The Manderson Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama offers programs at both the Huntsville and Tuscaloosa locations, but it’s at the Tuscaloosa campus that you are most likely to encounter a phantasm. The Little Round House on campus was said to be the site of war atrocities against a Union solider who attempted to pass a message of parlay to the Confederates who were on the campus. The Rebel soldiers captured the Union man, tortured and eventually killed him. The Union solider is said to still wander the campus in the area of the Little Round House, crying out against his unjust murder.

Fordham University – Rose Hill Campus

The Rose Hill campus, which is also where you will find the Gabelli School of Business, is reputed to be where a campus building was constructed atop morgue tunnels. According to the Colombia Spectator, the tunnels are located beneath Keating Hall. The entire Rose Hill campus took over the site of a former hospital from the 1830s. Keating Hall is the hot spot for spectral cold spots and other supernatural occurrences. A security guard was scared out of his job after witnessing chairs flying around the room of their own accord. Students who have visited Keating Hall have reported feeling that they are being watched or experiencing a sudden chill during the heat of summer. Spectral hands have also been said to reach out to students’ shoulders on the third floor of Keating Hall. If attending Fordham University, be prepared for some unusual experiences in this building of the Rose Hill Campus. 

Before you can add your own ghostly encounters to the annals of these business schools and others, you will first have to be admitted to the school. The GMAT exam can be a frightening enough experience for many, but the professionals at Testmasters are here to help allay your fears and help you to conquer the test.






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