Should I cancel my GMAT score? (Part 1)

Imagine this: You’re at the GMAT testing facility. You just finished taking the test.  All of a sudden, a screen pops up.  Do you want to see your scores now or cancel your scores without ever seeing them?inFOLIO Research Group

In nearly every case, you should NOT cancel your score.  Here are some reasons why:

You have no idea how you did immediately after the test.  Test-takers are notoriously terrible at predicting their performance immediately after taking a test.  This may seem counter-intuitive, but just because you think you did badly on the GMAT does not necessarily mean you bombed the test.  Many students have been (pleasantly) shocked by how well they did, even when they thought they did very poorly.  How can this happen? Remember, the verbal and quantitative sections of the test are computer-adaptive, so, generally, the harder the questions, the better you are doing on the section.  Just  because you thought the last 15 questions were impossible to answer does not necessarily mean you did poorly on the test.

Knowing your score will help you improve!  Even if it is not as high as you hoped, your score will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses for when you retake the test.  If you cancel, you will never see your scores, and you will still have to take the test again.  If you do not cancel, then you will see your scores and either be pleasantly surprised (best-case scenario) or (worst-case scenario) you will know what areas you need to continue to work on to improve your score.

Check back soon for more reasons NOT to cancel your score!

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