Dual MBA Program Spotlight: MBA/MS (Environment & Resources)

MBA Program Profiles“That’s what I really enjoy about the program: that I get to play in these two different worlds. In my engineering classes, I’m the business guru. In the Business School, I’m the environmental science expert.” MBA/MS student

Degrees: MBA & Master of Science in Environment & Resources

Schools: Stanford Graduate School of Business & Stanford School of Earth Science’s Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources

Program Length: 8-9 quarters (approximately 2.5 years)

Overview: This joint degree program is designed for students interested in addressing environmental issues.  It offers students the opportunity to gain a background in the science, technology, and engineering that underlie environmental problems and integrate it with the MBA curriculum.  Students have the flexibility to choose their own curriculum of study in the School of Earth Sciences.  Some students focus on civil and environmental engineering, while others focus more on sustainability.  Prior to completing the program, students must complete a capstone project in the School of Earth Sciences.


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