Why is GMAC changing the GMAT? What is their goal?

GMAC is changing the GMAT with the goal of making the test better meet the needs expressed by business schools around the globe.  In 2009, GMAC surveyed 740 business school faculty worldwide to ask them what test skills would be important for incoming students as they prepare to work in technologically advanced, data-driven environments.  They are introducing the Integrated Reasoning section to address the needs specified by those business schools.  The Integrated Reasoning section is designed to test your ability to synthesize graphical information, evaluate relevant information from different sources, organize information to see relationships and solve interrelated problems, and combine and manipulate information to solve complex problems that depend on information from one or more sources.

GMAC is reducing the Analytical Writing Assessment to one Analyze an Argument question because admissions directors have said, and recent research has shown, that most test takers get similar scores on both essays, making one essay an acceptable predictor of performance.

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