GMAT Quantitative Reasoning #5

“The GMAT Project” intends to ensure its readers are well prepared for all aspects of the GMAT. If you follow our weekly postings of example problems and solutions, we expect you to be more prepared than ever to not only succeed on the GMAT, but to get into your graduate school of choice.

Remember, all of the GMAT Quantitative Reasoning problems are designed to be solved in about one minute, so even if it looks like a long and arduous equation, there is probably a simple solution. Consider this example problem:

If (4a/6)(1/7)(4)(3/2a)(7)(x) = 1, then x =?

To arrive at the correct answer combine like terms:

(4a/6)(3/2a) x (1/7)(7) x (4x) = 1

(12a/12a) x (7/7) x (4x) =1

(1) x (1) x (4x) = 1

4x = 1

x = 1/4

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