Does the Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT matter?



The Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT was added when the GMAT introduced the computer adaptive test (CAT) exam. This is a 30-minute, 12-question section that tests your ability to use information from several sources to answer questions that require both reasoning and math skills. It is graded separately from the verbal and quantitative sections and does not count toward your total 200 to 800-point score. The Integrated Reasoning section is scored out of 8 total points, and you can only get scores of whole number values.

So, since it is graded separately, many people wonder if this section is even important. Does the Integrated Reasoning section really matter? The answer is “yes.” Many business schools use the Integrated Reasoning score as a reflection of your ability to process information in a timely manner, which is a critical skill for the business world, and because this section is graded separately, it makes it easier for schools to see how well you do on this section at a quick glance.

You will need to do your best on all the questions in the Integrated Reasoning section, even though the questions will not count toward your composite GMAT score. Doing well on this section can only make your overall score look better, but if you disregard this section, a low score can reflect poorly on you. Do you need Integrated Reasoning help? Contact the professionals at Testmasters to prepare for this and all other sections of the GMAT.

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