International Student Resource Spotlight: UNIcq

Are you an international business school applicant trying to find other international students at the business school to which you are applying? A new website, UNIcq, might just be your best friend.

UNIcq is a website founded by Yale students that provides prospective, current, and former international students at various schools with a free way to connect with each other via the internet.  UNIcq’s Unite service creates a community of international students in various stages of their academic journeys who can address prospective students’ specific questions about the application process.  You can even find international students from the same country as you!  All current students and alumni on the site are required to have a valid .edu email address, eliminating any concern over whether these contacts are actual students.

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In addition to Unite, UNIcq also offers a Urate service where experienced graduates from top schools such as Yale and UC-Berkeley rate and review other online resources such as business school search tools and international scholarship databases.  Finally, the UNIquest and UNICoach services provide prospective applicants with a clear roadmap of the entire business school application process with information specifically tailored to graduate students.

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