Dual MBA Programs: Is a Dual Degree Right for Me? (Part 2)

MBA Program ProfilesCareer Flexibility
Two graduate degrees does give you an advantage in the working world.  Since you’re trained in two fields instead of just one, it may be easier for you to transition from one field to another.  Likewise, your dual degree may give you more negotiating power in the workforce because you have a greater degree of education than many of your coworkers.  Furthermore, a dual degree demonstrates to employers that you are highly motivated, focused and able to handle a great deal of work simultaneously–all qualities employers find desirable.berryjam.ru

Job Hunt
Some dual degree candidates have found it more challenging to find a job or internship through their business school’s career services office.  Business school career services offices typically cater to the majority of students–traditional MBAs–and not to the minority–non-traditional dual degree candidates.  This can make finding a job that requires both your degrees difficult.  Therefore, it is critical that dual degree recipients have a very clear idea of their career goals and path so that they can seek out internships and jobs on their own.  Once they have found a job, however, dual degree recipients are generally extremely satisfied with their decision to obtain both degrees.

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