Should I get a MBA/JD degree? Career Paths (Part 1)

MBA Program ProfilesThere are many factors to consider when deciding on a MBA/JD dual degree, but the most important one should be your career goals.  As with any graduate program, you want to think about where you envision yourself in 10 to 20 years and ensure that you are getting the best degree to help you achieve that vision.

The MBA/JD dual degree is a very specific degree, but there are some intersections between the fields of law and business that could make an MBA/JD dual degree a perfect choice.  Are you interested in a field such as business law, consulting, or mergers and acquisitions?  Since all of these fields employ a great number of both businessmen and lawyers, companies prefer to hire someone with expertise in both areas.  For instance, many large firms prefer to hire business lawyers who have knowledge of the quantitative skills and terminology used in the business world in addition to their legal training.  Some law firms, such as Goodwin Proctor, even offer special signing bonuses exclusively for JD/MBAs.  Likewise, many consulting firms that handle complex processes such as mergers and acquisitions prefer to hire people with a strong background in business but who are also comfortable with legal documentation and terminology.

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