Online MBA: Should I get my MBA degree online?

MBA Program ProfilesThese days, there are so many different potential paths to the MBA.  You can go to a program full-time, you can take classes at night, or you can even get an MBA online.  Whether or not an online MBA degree program is a good choice depends entirely on you and your individual circumstances.

The commonly accepted wisdom is that if you are able to afford taking two years off to go to business school full-time, then you should do so. Full-time MBA program students all say they have benefitted immensely from the experience. Traditional face-to-face MBA programs offer many advantages.  You have more time to interact with professors, helping you build relationships that can last well after business school and even lead to a job.  Likewise, you learn important social and group work skills by collaborating with your peers.  You are also able to immerse yourself fully in the world of business education for two years, giving you a great deal of knowledge in all matters of business.  As a full-time student, you can also participate in on-campus activities, as well as take part in summer internships.  Prospective employers are also very familiar with the caliber of students produced by full-time MBA programs, and will recruit students at full-time programs.  This frequently makes the job search much easier.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to participate in a full-time MBA program.  Some people have families with young children, creating hectic schedules that make it impossible to take two years off to go to school.  Others have jobs that necessitate constant travel, making it difficult to stay in one place long enough to complete an MBA program.  Others simply cannot afford to take time off from work to enroll in a full-time MBA program.  If you are one of these types of people, an online MBA might be perfect for you.  It could provide you with the flexibility you need to get your education without disrupting your already busy lifestyle.

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