Online MBA: Disadvantages

MBA Program ProfilesRecent years have seen a proliferation of online MBA programs.  Even though they have become more common, are they too good to be true? We recently discussed some of the advantages of online MBA programs. Here are some of the disadvantages.RPK Tramplin

Networking is more challenging online.
A key component of full-time MBA programs is the opportunity to network: with your fellow classmates, your professors, and campus recruiters.  Although communication between students and professors is possible with online MBAs, developing the same type of networking relationships can be difficult online.

Face-to-face interaction with peers is limited.
Another major component of full-time MBA programs is group work and peer-to-peer interaction.  While it is possible to connect with your fellow classmates online, it is difficult to build as many strong interpersonal connections from afar.

Employers may look down on online MBA programs.
Some employers think online MBA programs are easier, and may not value an online MBA as highly for this reason.  One way to counter this? Make sure you get your online MBA from a school with a great deal of name recognition, such as Dartmouth or Duke, so that employers will not question the legitimacy of your degree.

Still think an online MBA is right for you? Check back soon for some final factors to consider when evaluating online MBA programs.

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