Quantitative Reasoning Example Problem #7

Don't be Afraid, Be Prepared!

Don’t be Afraid, Be Prepared!

If a = (b+c)/e, then c =

a. (a-b)e

b. ae – b

c. (ae)/b

d. (b+a)/e

e. (a/e) – b

In this question, you are solving for c. To solve for c you must first isolate it. These types of problems can be a little intimidating because they don’t contain any actual numbers. Don’t worry, all you have to do is adhere to the basic math principles of multiplication and division; really, all you’re doing is rearranging:

a = (b + c)/e

a(e) = (b + c)

ae = b + c

ae – b = c

Which, of course, can also be written as:

c = ae – b

Thus the answer is (b).

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