How Do I Sign up for the GMAT?

Applying to business school entails several steps, of which the most is taking the GMAT exam. Almost all business schools accept the GMAT for the purpose of admission, though some will also accept the GRE. If an MBA is in your future, you will want to focus on GMAT preparation.

Sign up for the GMAT

There are a few things you should do when it comes time to sign up for the GMAT exam. First, and foremost, read through the terms and conditions in the GMAT handbook. You will have to agree to these before signing up for an exam. If you have not done so already, select which business schools you are interested in attending. These should be the school where you want to send scores to after you finish your test. Do a bit of research to see if your practice scores fall into the expected score range of students in the MBA programs at that school. The school should also help you to fulfill your personal career goals.

For the exam application process, if you have any special needs, those must be settled with the GMAC before you sign up for an exam. For more information about special accommodations testing, see the GMAT’s page to “Register as a Test Taker with Disabilities.” The documentation for any accommodations should be in place before you sign up for the exam.

The first step in the sign up process is to create an account on the GMAT’s website. This will allow you to see electronic scores, do extra practice, and sign up for a test date. Once logged in, go to the official GMAT registration page to find a location and testing time that will work with your schedule. Make sure that the date allows you enough preparation for the test and occurs at least three weeks before your business school application is due. It usually takes 21 days for schools to get your GMAT scores. You will also need to pay the full exam fee of $250 when you register.

While you are waiting for your test date, consider how you will get your mind ready to tackle the test. Test preparation depends making the most of your study time. Do you need help from a teacher in a classroom environment or will individual help on specific questions be a better choice to help you optimize your score? Think about signing up for a full GMAT course from Testmasters or registering for individual tutoring sessions. You should never take the GMAT exam without being completely ready for it. The first time you take the exam should not be the first time you have ever seen GMAT material. With preparation courses and tutoring, you can help to make sure that the first time you take the GMAT, your score will be your personal best.

Once registered, you should receive a confirmation letter. If the information on this letter is incorrect in any way, you must change it before the exam by contacting the GMAC; otherwise, you will not be admitted into the testing facility.

Signing up for the GMAT is the easy part, putting in the preparation for the exam and your future MBA program is the more challenging part.

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