Grammar Crammer: Sequence of Tenses

January 13, 2013 in New GMAT, Uncategorized

You may not realize how important the sequence of tenses is. Tenses help us differentiate when and how things happen. Has something already happened, is it currently happening, or will it happen in the future? Will it happen before a certain event, or after? This information is important; a few words can make a significant difference.  Consider these two sentences, “He won a million dollars” versus “He had won a million dollars.” Or this perhaps, […]

How is the new GMAT scored?

April 3, 2012 in FAQs, GMAT Scores, New GMAT

Old GMAT (prior to June 2012) The old GMAT was scored on a scale of 200 – 800.  This score was a combination of examinees’ Verbal and Quantitative scores.  The old GMAT also had a separate Analytical Writing score graded between 0 and 6.  The Analytical Writing score does not affect the total score. New GMAT (post June 2012) The new GMAT will still be scored on a scale of 200 – 800.  The score […]

GMAT vs GRE: What is the difference between the GMAT and GRE?

March 26, 2012 in FAQs, GMAT vs. GRE

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) has historically been used for admissions to doctoral and masters programs, but, in recent years, a growing number of business schools have started accepting GRE scores in lieu of GMAT scores.  The GMAT is used exclusively for admissions to MBA programs.  The GRE has three sections, Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning Sections.  The Analytical Writing section is scored on a scale from 0 to 6 and the Verbal […]

How will the new GMAT affect my old GMAT score?

March 12, 2012 in FAQs, GMAT Scores, New GMAT

Your GMAT Total Score (on a scale from 200 to 800) is the combination of your Verbal and Quantitative section scores.  Since the Verbal and Quantitative sections are not changing, the changes to the new GMAT should not greatly affect your GMAT score.  You will need to do additional preparation for the new Integrated Reasoning section, but it will be scored separately, like the Analytical Writing section, and not factor into your Total Score.

What are the differences between the question types on the old GMAT versus the new GMAT?

March 9, 2012 in FAQs, New GMAT

Old GMAT The Analytical Writing Assessment section of the old GMAT consists of two essays: Analysis of an Argument and Analysis of an Issue.  In the Argument Analysis, you are asked to analyze the reason behind a given argument and write a critique of the argument.  In the Issue Analysis, you are asked to give your point of view based on an analysis of an issue. The Verbal Reasoning section of the old GMAT consists […]

What are the changes to the new GMAT?

March 2, 2012 in FAQs, New GMAT

In June 2012 the GMAC introduced a new section called Integrated Reasoning.   The Integrated Reasoning section will have eight questions and last 30 minutes.  It now has four question types: graphics interpretation, table analysis, two-part analysis, and multi-source reasoning.  It is now scored on a scale of 1-8, but this does not affect your Total Score (the combination of your Quantitative and Verbal section scores). Also in June 2012, GMAC removed the Analyze an Issue […]


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