Should I get a MBA/JD degree? Accelerated JD/MBA Programs

June 27, 2012 in Program Profiles

Nearly all of the top business and law schools have started offering accelerated JD/MBA programs that can be completed in 3 years, instead of the typical 4.  Though the curriculum of the accelerated programs varies by university, candidates typically spend their first year at the law school, their summers and second year at the business school, and their third year at the law school.  Below we discuss some of the pros and cons of accelerated […]

Should I get a MBA/JD degree? Career Paths (Part 2)

June 8, 2012 in Program Profiles

If you are undecided as to whether you would like to pursue a career in business or law, a MBA/JD program gives you exposure to both career paths.  MBA/JD dual degree candidates usually do one internship in the business world and one in the legal field to determine which career path interests them more.  Once these candidates are out in the working world, having both degrees also gives them career flexibility.  For instance, if there […]

Should I get a MBA/JD degree? Facts & Figures

May 16, 2012 in Program Profiles

A JD/MBA degree option is standard at nearly every school that has both a business school and a law school.  Upon completion of the 4-year program, candidates receive both a JD and a MBA, in one year less than it would have taken them to obtain both degrees separately. In recent years, dual MBA/JD degree programs have become increasingly popular.  Below is a breakdown of some of the major differences between a JD, JD/MBA, and […]


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