Dual MBA Programs: Types of Programs

MBA Program ProfilesIn addition to the nearly universally available dual MBA/JD and dual MBA/MD programs, there are a variety of other dual degree options available to MBA students.  These dual degrees can range from environmental studies to urban planning to journalism.  Some schools even offer dual MBAs with business schools in other countries!  Here are some of the types of dual degree programs offered at the top 20 business schools in the country.Укладка резиновой плитки

The business schools at Yale, Stanford, and Duke both offer dual degree programs that combine coursework in environmental studies and sustainability with the traditional MBA.

Foreign Language/Regional Studies
These dual degree programs–offered at the Darden School at the University of  Virginia, the Anderson School at UCLA and the McCombs School at UT-Austin just to name a few–let students study languages and specific regions, such as Latin America, the Middle East, and East Asia.

At Yale University, students can combine their love of business and drama with a dual degree from the Yale School of Drama.  Film buffs at at New York University’s Stern School can also study filmography at the nearby Tisch School of the Arts.

The world-renown Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism offers a dual degree with the Columbia Business School.

Architecture/Urban Planning
Students interested in designing the building for the company they will one-day run should check out the dual degree architecture programs offered at Columbia University, Yale University, and UCLA.

MBA students interested in religious business administration can study at the Yale Divinity School or Emory University’s Candler School of Theology.


MIT, Northwestern, and UCLA all offer dual degree programs in engineering fields ranging from systems design and management to computer science.

Exchange Programs
Stern, Ross and Haas all encourage students’ wanderlust with MBA exchange programs inside and outside the country.

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