What if I don’t like my score? Can I get canceled scores back?



How Do I Cancel a GMAT Score?

As soon as you finish your GMAT, you have the chance to see your unofficial score. Before you leave the testing center, you have only two minutes to decide to keep this score (verbal, quantitative, and integrated reasoning) or to cancel it, which keeps it from ever appearing on your score report. You must make an active decision during this time frame because if you do nothing, the system treats it as a score cancellation. If you accept the score, the center will print out your unofficial score and give it to you when you leave. Then, you have another 72 hours to go online and cancel your scores, but if you choose to cancel after the exam, it will cost $25 dollar. The option of canceling your scores gives you more control over what business schools see. Although there is a fee involved, this is a good option because it allows you the opportunity to see your unofficial score before cancelling.

Why Should I Cancel a GMAT Score?

The decision to cancel your scores should not be taken lightly. You will not receive a refund for your testing fees if you choose to cancel your score, and the two-minute score preview at the end of your GMAT will be the last time you see your score unless you choose to retrieve it later for an additional fee. Previewing and canceling your scores is a good chance to revoke your test results if you feel that your GMAT score for that day is not an accurate reflection of your abilities. If you wish to retest, you must wait for 16 days before taking the GMAT again.

What If I Change My Mind About Canceling My Score?

Should you change your mind about canceling your score, you do have a chance to reinstate it, which will also give you a chance to see your score again. You will only have 60 days after the exam to get your score back, and it will cost $100 to do so. Once 60 days have past, your scores are permanently gone, and you will not get them back.

Do Business Schools See How Many Times I Have Canceled My Scores?

Only scores that you personally cancel will not show up on your score report, which includes all your GMAT scores from the past five years. Should there have been any test irregularities such as violations or technical failures and the GMAC cancels your scores, those will still appear on your report as a “C.” If you cancel your score but have it reinstated, there will be no indication on your score report that this happened. A business school will not be able to differentiate a reinstated score from scores you chose to keep at the end of your exam.

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