When Do I Take the GMAT?

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Taking the GMAT exam is one of the most important decisions you can make, after deciding to go to business school. The timing of the exam should fit into your application process, which should in turn depend on when your school of choice requires applications and test scores to be submitted.

When Do I Take the GMAT?  

Ideally, to allow for enough time for the scores to be reported to your business school of choice, the GMAT Handbook recommends taking the exam at least 21 days before the application is due, if your school accepts digital scores, but if you would like to take it sooner, you are more than welcome to since your GMAT scores from the last 5 years appear on your score report.

When Can I Register for the GMAT?

You cannot register for a GMAT exam any earlier than six months prior to the exam date, but to ensure that you can get a seat we recommend that you sign up two or three months before the test. In some cases, if there are spaces available, you could get a last-minute seat by signing up 24 hours before the GMAT. However, waiting this late to register is definitely not advised.

When Should I Start Preparing for the GMAT?

Not only does your school’s application deadline play a part in when you take the GMAT but also does your preparation needs. Getting ready for the GMAT should take weeks, not days, and because the GMAT exam costs $250.00 each time you take it, you will make to make the most of your time and money investment. Choosing a prep program like those at Testmasters will help you to be ready to take the GMAT exam.

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