Where Do I Take the GMAT?

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Depending on where you live, there are several options for places to take the GMAT exam, but the closer you wait until the test date, the fewer choices you’re likely to have. Choosing when to take your test is important, and where you choose to take it could determine the exact test date you select.

To find available test dates and locations, first, visit the GMAT’s website. Signing up for the exam must be done through this site, and if you need to change your test date, a reschedule must also be done through the same webpage. If you must reschedule your exam for any reason, it is wise to do so more than a week in advance of your scheduled test date, otherwise your switch might be subject to additional fees.

Many of the testing locations are on university campuses, but there may also be professional testing centers in your region. Our advice would be to choose a test location that you are familiar with and will have no trouble finding or locating on the day of the test. We would also advise that you not plan to take your GMAT with friends or peers that you are familiar with; even if you’re not interacting with other test takers, they could be a distraction on the day of the test. You want to be 100% focused when you take the GMAT.

Though Testmasters is not one of the testing sites, you can prepare for your GMAT exam with the test experts here. Contact us for more information about test prep, and refer to the MBA for more information about GMAT testing locations and dates.

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